How do I Calibrate the phone's sensor?
The magnetic sensor in the phone needs to be calibrated if the phone was near a strong magnetic source, like a speaker or a computer power supply.
To calibrate the phones magnetic sensor, when running the Entity Sensor, and the phone still on, rotate the phone slowly around in circles, back and forth, left to right, and up and down. You can also try rotating the phone around in figure eights. This should reset the magnetic sensor and you should have normal readings.
If you still have problems, move a small refrigerator magnet around on top of the phone with running, making larger and larger circles.
What are normal readings? What is the sensor showing?
The 'normal' reading for the Entity Sensor is around 350 - 550 mG (35 - 55 uT), depending on where you live.
This reading is the magnitude of the 3 magnetic sensor values (X, Y and Z) in the phone.
According to this Wikipedia article, the strength of the magnetic field at the equator is (310 mg) 31uT, and at 50 deg. latitude, it's 580 mG (58uT).

For detecting ghosts, what you are looking for are spikes where there shouldn't be any. A lot of things around the house will cause high EMF readings -- electrical wires, pipes, motors, toys, magnets, etc. If you get high readings, check to see if you are near any of these. If not, try communicating, and see if you get responses by seeing spikes in the readings.
How can I transfer the files from my phone to my computer?
You can connect your phone to your computer with the USB cable, and copy the files from the shared drive.
They are in [G:]\EntitySensorPro\files\[Session] where [G:] is the drive your phone is shared as, and [Session] is the session name you defined.
The EMF files are ".csv" and the EVP Audio are ".3gp".
Or, you can press the [Send] button on the Files screen, and email them to yourself.
How do I play / Edit the EVP audio files on my Windows computer?
Try Audacity:
It's a free program that has been around a long time. It's a little hard to set up, but you only need to do that once.
Here is a video that shows how to install it.

To Import the Entity Sensor EVP files (".3gp"), you will also need the FFMpeg library which is here:

To Export as MP3 files, you'll need to install the LAME library
Here is a video on how to install the LAME library:
Is there a graphical way to play the EVP audio files on the Phone?
The Entity Sensor Pro has a built in EVP audio player, but it doesn't display the waveform of the audio.
If you download Ringdroid, then Entity Sensor Pro will use that app to play the audio files, instead of the internal player.
If you have Ringdroid downloaded and want to use the internal player, or are having problems with Ringdroid, uncheck the setting "Use ringdroid to play EVP files".
How can I share my EVP's (Soundcloud)?
A good way to share EVPs is using SoundCloud:
1. Sign up for SoundCloud (
2. Rename the EVP audio file's extension from .3gp to .mp3. Example: rename "Entity_1_1.3gp" file to "Entity_1_1.mp3".
3. Click the [Upload and Share] button, then [Choose Upload] and select the file you just renamed.
It will encoded the file, then it can be shared with a link or on your Facebook status.
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