Record the proof this time!

Your Android™ phone has an EMF sensor in it!
Use the Entity Sensor™ on your own ghost adventure or CE-5 search!

When ghosts, ETs, or interdimensional beings manifest in our space, they give off Electro-Magnetic Fields (EMF) that aren't normally present.
These EMFs can be detected using the EntityX & Pro EMF Detectors. They display and record EMF using your phone's built-in magnetic field sensor (electronic compass).
This works just like special purpose EMF Detectors that cost about $200, and are used on the paranormal TV shows to find ghosts. But even these can't record the readings and let you download and graph the results.

There are a lot of apps on the Android Market that have similar names. Be sure to use the Original EMF Detector on the Android Market -- By Krugism Development!

The newest apps in the Entity Sensor family.
The EntityX Base app can work stand-alone, and also connect to the free EntityX Remote app to record the sensor data remotely using Bluetooth.
Use almost any Android phone(s) with the free EntityX Remote app.
These additional phones can be placed all over the area you're investigating to read and record data from separate areas.
This data includes EMF, temperature (if available) and proximity data that is displayed on the remote device and sent to the Base app.
The data from all of the remote sensors is recorded to the data file.
The EntityX Base app records audio for EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) analysis and can save this data to your Google Drive.
You can also trigger the remote device to take a picture and start and stop recording audio for EVP. This data is saved on the remove device.

See the EntityX page for more information.

EntityX Base
Only $3.99
EntityX Remote

Do you want to detect ghosts, and keep the proof?
The professional features in the "Pro" version do just that:
  • Record EMF data to files that can be read by Excel or Google Spreadsheets
  • Record EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) audio that can be downloaded to your computer for analysis.
  • Graph the EMF reading on your phone or on our web site
  • Easily get the files from your phone by emailing them to yourself.
  • Share your EVPs and stories on our Facebook page.
  • Optional enhancement modules available for Recording Trigger, Google Drive integration and Media Enhancements.
See the Entity Sensor Pro page for more information.

"Pro" version:
Only $4.95

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