Detect ghosts and other paranormal activity using your Android phone's Magnetic Field sensor like a EMF Detector!

Search for ghosts using the Entity Sensor EMF (Electro-Magnetic Field) Detector that uses your phone's built-in magnetic field sensor.
This works just like special purpose EMF Detectors that cost about $100, and are used on the paranormal TV shows to find ghosts.
Can also be used to find any sources of strong magnetic fields around your home or office. These can produce physical effects if you are around them for long periods of time.

Only $1.99
One time charge

Do you want to detect ghosts, and keep the proof? You want the professional features in the Entity Sensor Pro version!

What people are saying:
  • Adam Curry's "The Big App Show" reviewed the Entity Sensor on 11/26. See it here! - (11/26/10)
    He has an Android App to watch his podcasts. Download The Big App Show android app.
  • def worth 5+ stars! had a problem, askd for help & what he told me worked to get my phone calibrated. Thanks! im excited n cant wait to get going :] - by MAStuff (11/24/2010)
  • I absolutely love this app! Have a sprit following my son and it showed it to me! Don't feel so crazy anymore. - by thera (11/24/2010)
  • A very nice and helpful app. And the support team is very helpful as well. - by angela (11/21/2010)
  • Just tried this out with a paranormal investigation team, we tested it against their emf detectors and got the same if not more sensitive results. - by Fred (10/15/2010)
  • I have been investigating the paranormal for over ten years. This meter app works, detecting three dimensions of natural DC EM fields. Great job! - by OESJMR (11/8/2010)
  • Excellent emf detector. I love it and use it instead of the commercial emf detector . Thanks developer ! - by R (11/5/2010)
  • This actually works!! Amazing to learn about energies that follow you around. I think I found my little dog that passed a year ago. Wow!!! - by christine (10/4/2010)

Technical Explanation:
The Entity Sensor displays the magnetic field in "micro Tesla" or milliGauss. A technical explanation can be found on WikiPedia.
Basically, it's the value of a magnetic field near the phone.
The magnetic field of the earth is between 31µT and 60µT, depending on your latitude. That is the baseline reading that the Entity Sensor shows when running in Normal mode.

Any change in the magnetic field will show on the display. An increase in the magnetic field will show more LED's lit, and decrease will show less LED's lit.
You can test this by moving a magnet or other electronic device near your phone.

The display of the LED's is related to the selections in the Settings screen.
If in Normal Mode (not Baseline Mode), the Sensitivity determines the how many LED's are lit for a particular value.
In Baseline Mode, w, when you press the Zero button, that determines your baseline, and all LED's will be off. Any change in the magnetic field will show an increase in the number of LED's lit.

Main application screen (Regular Mode)
Settings screen

Version 3.0 - 3.13:
Added Milli Gauss reading and ability to set MilliGauss / MicroTesla in setting screen
Added FaceBook button

Version 3.0:
Added enhancement to not sleep and turn off the phone's screen while reading EMF. Will allow sleep while paused.

Version 2.2 changes:
- Added more to the help screen about calibrating the magnetic sensor
Version 2.1: by popular demand, I've added sound. The application defaults with the sound off, and can be turned on by pressing the speaker button. The volume can be adjusted using the phone's regular volume adjustment.

Version 2.0
Completely rewritten to solve the problem of moving the phone in the previous version. The application now includes the "Baseline Mode" setting.
When not  checked (Regular Mode), the app uses the sensitivity setting to display the magnetic field magnitude. In this mode you can move the phone around, and when it gets near a magnetic source like an electrical appliance, battery or magnet, the display will show it.
When in Baseline Mode, a Zero button is displayed on the main screen. In this mode , the phone works best laying down and not being moved. Lay the phone down, then press the Zero button. Now the app is very sensitive to any magnetic field changes. To test it, move a magnet or some electrical device near the phone, and you will see the display grow as it gets near the phone.

Version 1.2 changes:
-Changed display of numeric values

Version 1.1 changes:
-sensitivity settings
-numeric display

For support questions or enhancements, send me a message using the Support Form.
If your Entity Sensor displays all on LED's, see the calibration instructions on the FAQ Form.