Entity Sensor Pro
Main Screen
The main buttons work in sequence from left to right.
You must start the readings before you can start recording. You must start EMF recording before you start EVP recording.
Touch the large text reading (338 in this example) to change the screen from white to red text.

Session Files:
Sessions are used to group EMF, EVP and notes files together.
The Sessions are defined and maintained in the Files screen, accessed from the [Menu] button.
Sessions can be selected by pressing the session drop down list at the top of the screen. When pressed you can select a previous session, or press the "<New>" item to define a new session.
If you press the "<New>" item, you are presented the "Add a new session" screen. On this screen you enter the new Session Name, and the Session Notes.
When a session is selected, any EMF files for that session are displayed. If there are more than one screen of files , you can scroll the screen by sliding your finger up the screen.
Each line of the file list contains the following information:
  • File name of the EMF file, ending in ".csv"
  • The date and time the file was created.
  • The size of the EMF file in K bytes (K=1024 bytes)
  • The number and size of audio files associated with this EMF file.
The notes for this session can be viewed and changed by pressing the Notes menu button .
Files can be deleted by selecting the files from the list, then press the Delete button . Files that are selected will have the checkmark checked. You will be prompted to confirm that you want to delete all of the selected files. All audio files associated with the EMF file selected will also be deleted when the EMF file is deleted. If all files in a Session are deleted, the Session directory is also deleted.
When a recording is started, the next numbered EMF file created and used to record the EMF readings. These numbered files are in the form "Entity_##.csv", where "##" is a sequential number starting at 1. Any audio recordings are grouping with the EMF file with the names "Entity_##_xx.amr", where "##" is the EMF file number and "xx" is the sequential audio file number. Each time an audio recording is stopped and started, a new sequentially numbered audio file is created.

Data File Technical Details:
Directory Layout:
All Entity Sensor Pro files are stored on the SDCard at:
These files can be downloaded to your computer using a USB cable or via Bluetooth connection.
In the "files" directory is a directory for each Session that was added. These session directories contain the "Entity_##.csv", "Entity_##_xx.amr" and "notes.txt" files for each session.

EMF File Layout:
The EMF files are comma separated fields and are as follows:
Row Type - "H"=Header, "E"=EMF reading, "R"=Audio recording start, "S"=Audio recording Stop
Header record:
H,Date and Time the recordings started, GPS latitude, GPS longitude,,,
EMF Reading:
E,Time stamp, EMF magnitude, EMF X, EMF Y, EMF Z,
Audio recording start:
R,Time stamp, EMF magnitude, EMF X, EMF Y, EMF Z,Audio recording filename
Audio recording stop:
S,Time stamp, EMF magnitude, EMF X, EMF Y, EMF Z,Audio recording filename

These files can be imported into Microsoft Excel or Google Spreadsheets. Once imported, a graph can be generated to show the data.

The EVP Audio recordings are recorded using the AMR Codec. An explanation of the codec can be found at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adaptive_Multi-Rate_audio_codec